Export Procedure and Operation:


Sea Shipment:

Goods are hand overing by Shippers at Off-Dock for FCL shipment and inside Chittagong Port Area for LCL shipment. At Present there are 5 different Private Container Yards (Off- Dock) in Chittagong and these are only for export cargo loading.

CFS closing time at Port is 24 Hrs and Closing time for Off-Dock is 48 Hrs Since berthing of feeder vessel at Chittagong Jetty Berth. Closing time for Dhaka-ICD is 48 Hrs like Off-Dock.

Export Shipments ex Bangladesh are in the transshipment procedure for any destinations. Transshipment Ports for Bangladesh are Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas, Port K-Lang and Colombo, as per transshipment arrangement of different MLOs.

In Bangladesh shippers are usually hand overing goods to the CFS or Off-Dock at their own arrangement except EPZ factories at Chittagong.

EPZ factories / shippers at Chittagong normally prefer to load FCL at their factory premises. Also some other factories take container for loading at the factory for GOH shipment.

Weekly 2/3 sailing of feeder vessel for Singapore and Tanjung Pelepas. Also Weekly Sailing of feeder vessel for Port K-Lang and Colombo.

Feeder Vessel stays at Chittagong Jetty Berth for 4 days (for unloading and loading).

Feeder vessel taking 5 days transit time to reach to the transshipment port after sailing from Chittagong. Feeder Vessel’s schedule always subject to change or alteration and Mother Vessel’s Schedule is always subject to timely arrival of feeder vessel for the planning connection and loading containers ex transshipment port.



Shippers normally hand over goods to our Warehouse (near Dhaka Airport) for air shipment, and we hand over goods to airlines in the cargo loading area of Dhaka Airport within 24 Hrs cooling time.

Air shipment from Dhaka Airport is on the basis of onward connection flight from the different airports, as per onward arrangement of different airlines.

Flight frequency is different for different airlines but frequency is 7 days for Saudia, Emirates and Thai. Frequency is 6 days for Singapore Airlines and others are operating weekly 3-4 flights from Dhaka.

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