Sea Shipment:

1) Import is coming from various origin ports to Chittagong after transshipment of containers.

2) Delivery of FCL container is taking by consignee from Chittagong Port or, Dhaka-ICD as per destination mentioned in the bills of lading.

3) Unloading of consol boxes or LCL declared containers are in the Import Shed of Chittagong Port. Forwarders are not allowed to take consol boxes outside Chittagong Port for unloading to any Private Yard or Warehouse.

4) If consol boxes sending from origin port to Chittagong on CY/CY mode then it needs to amend status at Chittagong Port from CY/CY to CY/CFS in MB/L by paying status changing charge otherwise various consignees involved in same container will be not able to take delivery of goods.

Due to aforesaid reason Forwarders here issue only NOC and Shipping Lines issue DO in all cases either it FCL or LCL delivery.


Air Shipment:

1) We hand over documents to consignee with our NOC if they want to clear goods through their own custom broker.

2) We arrange door delivery if the shipment term is door delivery or Free House delivery or if consignee appoints us for customs clearance and delivery to their premises.

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